Celtrose Consultancy, through co-creation with the disabled community, designs practical activities and bespoke resources to enhance the skills of careers advisers, self-employment advisers and work coaches when working with disabled clients.

Practical support for careers advisers, work coaches and employability team members needs to change so that we can offer the best information, advice and guidance to our clients.  In the ever changing world of employability, there needs to be a way in which we can support every client, no matter what challenges they are facing, confidently and effectively.

Through research, I have read that many advisers employed within the mainstream employability skills sector are less likely to have self-employment experience.  This means that they are often limited in the practical support and advice they can offer to a disabled person exploring self-employment.

Add this to the fact that most advisers in existing self-employment support roles do not fully understand the lifestyles or additional challenges that a disabled person may face, nor the benefits and funding that may be available to them meaning that disabled people do not often receive the guidance they really need.

This is not a criticism of the services available, or of the advisers themselves, but a fact that needs to be addressed so that advisers can have access to specific disability training and enhance self-employment support.  The expectations that advisers have all the answers and information in relation to self-employment, disability and benefits is not the reality.  There needs to be further work on developing networks and co-creation of services to effectively assist with the navigation of self-employment support agencies and informed decision making in relation to the exploration of a self-employed role.

And that is why I started Celtrose ….

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