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Self-Employment Adviser Training

This training is for those working with neurodivergent and disabled people wanting to explore self-employment.  It will give you the tools and accreditation necessary to deliver the SAMEE Steps into Self-Employment programme.

Steps into Self-Employment

Course  Structure

The adviser training is held over 2 days from 9.30-4.30 each day.
This offers a total of 14 hours accredited CPD training for which you will receive a certificate from the CPD Standards Office.


To help you, I have outlined the course structure below :

Celtrose Consultancy

Day 1 - Adviser Training

Welcome and Learning Aims

The Importance of Timetables

Communication Skills, Practical Activities and Useful Resources

Reflection and Definition of Self-Employment

Budgeting and Stepping Stones to Success

Managing and Understanding Time

Defining the Models of Disability and Self-Management

Building Networks Personally and Professionally

Creating a Safe Working Environment
That First Impression

Day 2 - Adviser Training

Defining the Product and Service

Creating Accessible Research Techniques

Communicating the Self-Employment Idea

How to Design and Create Marketing Materials In-House

Knowing your Customer

The Creation of a Working Document / Resource, Business Plan or Business Canvas

What is the SAMEE Steps into Self-Employment Qualification

How do I Deliver the Qualification Programme

Practical Activities, Useful Resources and Mentoring Support

Dates :

This course is run monthly  -  Please Contact Us for the next available dates

Booking :

If you would like to book a place on the adviser training, please E-mail  back to confirm your interest

You can download a booking form from the Contact Us page

We need to receive one booking form per person

Costs :

The training fees are £125 per day, so £250 for the full 2 days of training 

This includes the Adviser Resource Pack and the qualification specification 

Both of which will be sent out prior to the training

Please Note :

Please note that  the SAMEE charity are unable to accredit any evidence for their Steps into Self-Employment qualification from advisers who have not completed the adviser training with Celtrose Consultancy

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Talentino Workshop - Resources
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